Welcome to the Tuscan Dream (3rd edition)

ISBN: 9788885624092


di Anna Lord.

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Welcome to the Tuscan Dream (3rd edition)

Once upon a time there was a land of milk and honey.
Shepherds grazed their flocks of sheep and goats amidst the silvery olives and the earth was generous.
God was pleased.

Then, one day a powerful magician arrived and promised riches for all, more riches than you could possibly imagine.

Unluckily the magician was a liar.

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5 recensioni per Welcome to the Tuscan Dream (3rd edition)

  1. Jaison C. (from the Internet)

    Do you know the history about the brave adventured viking whose comes from the iced lands to explore the world and fight some hostile enemys? Thats about relate this book! A Finland woman full of spirit and nature in your own where affront the hostility Tuscany and his “civilizated” tribe. It’s a dance of drama and comedy relating the journey of Anna Lord where can make you feel the fear, anxiety, funny, hopeful and the strengh inside of a person who belive in changes. Would you like to build an utopy in this world? Start reading Welcome to the Tuscan Dream and learn about hope and action.

  2. Umberto D. (from the Internet)

    un libro che si legge tutto d’un fiato…io dopo aver cominciato non riuscivo a smettere
    E’ un racconto quasi fotografico di questo paese, nel momento in cui chi ci vive o chi vi ha vissuto un’intera vita ,si trova a dover improvvisamente passare, quasi senza rendersene conto, dal sogno a a un vero e propio incubo. Testimone più o meno consapevole, è spesso costretto a scegliere la sopravvivenza piuttosto che l’atto di ribellione all’ ingiustizia, il più delle volte dovendosi purtoppo arrendere alla progressiva inesorabile deriva generale.
    Tuttavia al di là della tristezza di tutto ciò,si legge, nascosto tra le righe del racconto,l’amore per la vita e per la bellezza, per la natura, per ciò che di autentico ancora rimane della nostra terra.

  3. Anne H. (from the Internet)

    My daughter gave me a book to read saying that if I read it quickly she would leave it with me. I said give me 2 days. 5 hours later I had finished the book. I have lived in Toscana now for 33 years and reading Anne’s book was like hearing myself talking to friends and family!! I still do not understand how the average Italian thinks, even after all this time! This is a book that the Italians should read to try and see themselves from another viewpoint. Anne is not cruel, she just states facts that, until one has lived them, seem quite incredible or unbelievable. The tragedy is that everything is accepted. “Pazienza” (Patience) “E’ così” (That’s how it is). I was amazed at Anne’s courage to face up to the petty burocrats and get things changed. I am ashamed to admit I have never been able to do that. This is a MUST READ for anyone who is intending to live in Toscana (or probably anywhere else in Italy). And it is no use thinking that she has exaggerated and only believe half of it. Be warned!!

  4. Mat Ellis (from the Internet)

    Welcome to the Tuscan Dream is essential reading for anyone considering a move to a rural idyll. This book is a passionate, humorous yet sceptical account of one persons experiences set against a backdrop of Italian/Tuscan rural machinations on personal, local and governmental levels. Lord delivers a searing attack upon the corruption and inequity of Berlusconi’s neoliberal Italy countered by an ode to the more simple and traditional aspects of Tuscan society. 

    This is the story of one woman’s struggle and courage when faced with the petty fiefdoms of small town bureaucrats. It carries a heartfelt plea to encourage and support Italy’s artisans and traditional industries in the face of globalisation. Despite dealing with change, global, national and local politics, this is an accessible and enjoyable read dealing with issues relevant to anyone interested in the repression and de-skilling of skilled workers by powerful people solely concerned with their own profits and status. 

    I really enjoyed not just the acerbic humour, but the close observations of life in Tuscany and I think it provides a welcome antidote to the usual autobiographies of ex-pats.

  5. Miguel Martinez (from Amazon.com)

    I couldn’t put the book down… It goes right to the roots of what is wrong with Tuscany and Italy, with a series of well told anecdotes, which everybody who lives here can relate to. But it is not a grumpy expatriate letting off steam: the author is always full of a joyous sense of humour and true love for Tuscany, its people and nature, and sorry for how the country is destroying itself. A great book.

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