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Calcio Fiorentino (English version)

ISBN: 9788894182927

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by Luciano Artusi.

Illustrated book. English translation by Anna Lord.

History, art and memoirs of the historical game. From its origins to the present day.



Calcio Fiorentino (English version)

by Luciano Artusi

The author is a passionate scholar of the history and traditions of his beloved city, Florence. In this book Luciano Artusi takes the reader on a journey of discovery of  authentic Florentine football (Calcio Storico.) He has described glorious moments of pure sportsmanship and rivalry and dramatic events such as the great flood of 1966 of which this year is the fiftieth anniversary. Following the flood the tradition of Calcio Storico was renewed thanks to the determination and courage of all those who worked tirelessly to restore and recuperate the colorful costumes, the flags and Armour. The event, which is famous world over, has taken its rightful place in the heritage of the history and knowledge which characterizes Florence and the Florentine way of life.
The author explores the history of Florence and the roots of the historical game by traveling back in time to the remote foundations of both the city and the game. We discover how both were born and their interesting history until the period in which Florence became the capital city of Italy. The book is full of rich illustrations and photographs so that the reader may experience even more vividly the emotions of the story in an enjoyable journey full of rich anecdotes.

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Book presentations (3)

Locandina presentazione Wednesday 14 December 2016
Caffè Le Giubbe Rosse, Piazza della Repubblica 13/R-14/R, 50123 Firenze

Tuesday 11 October 2016
Biblioteca Ernesto Ragionieri, Sala Meucci, Piazza della Biblioteca, 4 Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze)

Locandina della presentazione del libro 'Calcio fiorentino' di Luciano Artusi Thursday 9 June 2016
Biblioteca Palagio di Parte Guelfa, Piazza della Parte Guelfa, 50123 Firenze
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Awards (1)

Premio - Premio Conti per Luciano Artusi Saturday 3 December 2016
Palazzo Vecchio, Salone dei Cinquecento, Piazza della Signoria, 50122 Firenze
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